Monday, October 22, 2007

Here you need-ohs, Mickey.

So, Saturday night I had the distinct pleasure of babysitting my beautiful niece, Caroline, while everybody else went to Halloween Horror Nights. I've been working on some Christmas decorations for the craft show in Oveido that Mom and Jenni entered. One of them is a miniature stocking ornament, which was sitting on a table in the living room Saturday night when they dropped Caroline off. Caroline and I were getting ready to go to the duck pond -- "you sit right here while Micky goes and changes her clothes" -- and when I came out of the bedroom, Caroline walked over to me saying, "Here you need-ohs, Mickey. And you yawn," as she holds up one hand with five needles, and one hand with a clump of yarn and a stocking-in-progress, from which she had yanked all of the working needles. "Thank you, Baby," I said and just stood there and looked at the damage.
Fortunately, as previously stated, it was a miniature stocking, and I was knitting it at a very tight gauge, so the stitches were very easy to pick up. But still, I'm sure you'll agree, it's never fun to see all of your needles outside of their respective wips.

Check back soon for some pictures of that and many other finished ornaments.


Karen said...

Oh no! I can hear that precious voice saying exactly that. I have lost the needles a time or two, myself. Can't wait to see pics of the miniatures! Hope you're doing well :) Say hi to Caroline for me.

Elke said...

Hi Mick. It's really too bad that you weren't able to come to SAFF - we missed your company. Will you be in town this weekend?

Shawnee said...

Hi Mick -- Just checking to see if you received my October Scarf/Hat Kit from the Crochetoholic swap. You seem to be MIA ... hope all's well.

Kristy said...

Mick, I hope you get this, as I wasn't able to find an email address for you....This is Kristy. I saw your comment on RC's post about my hat project. The Wool-Ease will be just fine for the kids. I can't remember the percentage of fibers but I know it has some wool in it and that should be enough add a bit of warmth. I know without a doubt that hats made of Wool-Ease will be much loved. In fact, I know a few knitters who can't work with animal fibers of any kind and I've encouraged them to knit cotton or microfiber or whatever they see fit. Thank you for your enthusiasm!