Monday, June 4, 2007

I need to pack...

I'm moving in 5 days, and I'm SO not ready. Between work, all the times I'm gonna go out with friends and family, and sleep, there will be little time left for packing. I'm gonna lose a lot of sleep this week. And, as I say this, I'm sitting here thinking, "I could easily be packing right now instead of blogging about packing, and that would make my life a lot simpler." But, of course, here I sit.

So, let's make this quick..
Started working on a new project the other day.. a bib for Jamie and Frances's little baby, Bella. I'm making it out of Peaches & Creme in Potpourri. Just a dc in rows.. making the pattern up as I go. I'll stitch some velcro to the ends for a closure, and I THINK it'll come out pretty stinkin' cute.

I'm revamping this old sweater thingy my Grammy made me into a set of scarves for my cousins. I'm doing this for the Van Gogh's Closet CAL on the C'Ville website. I wanted to do the gradations in the order that they were on the sweater, but I don't like it when there are two contrasting colors being stitched together. So, I'll rearrange the colors to kind of go along with the color spectrum before I start again. I was thinking of making this my first knitted project, but I think taking on the task of knitting two strands at a time is much too daunting for this beginniner.

Speaking of which.... I think I've got knitting down. I'm not real good at it, but I can do it. My hands get jumpled and confused, but I'll get that down pat soon. As you can tell from the photo, there's a stitch that's a little messed up, but that's ok. This piece is no longer in existence. I frogged it and started using the yarn (which, btw, is Peaches & Creme in Fiesta Ombre) to knit another bib for Bella. I didn't love the way the last one turned out, but I'll be doing this one a little different, and I think I'll like it a lot more.

For now, I shall clean.